Jon & Swann Delarosa

Swann and I are both professional athletes competing in the IFBB and have visited Dr. Rattotti office 2 times a year for the last 7-8 years.  We trust Dr. Rattotti with our health and know that he understands the commitment we have to the gym and our lifestyles.  Doc, as we like to call him, has everything you would need to ensure your health.  From EKG, Sonograms, and even a device that measures how well your metabolism is functioning make this office the perfect place for any fitness or health enthusiast to visit! Dr. Rattotti has always gone above and beyond for Swann and I, and the rest of my family as well.  He always checks in to see how things are and how we are feeling.  In a world where it is hard to trust who is truly interested in your health and who is really after your insurance and money, Dr. Rattotti is at the top of our list as not only the best Doc but a incredible person!

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Victor Martinez

IFBB Pro Victor Martinez

I have always been very conscientious of the way I look for competition purposes but Doctor Rattotti has always made sure I was healthy on the inside to help me accomplish my goal.

Fakhri Mubarak

IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak Contest Prep Specialist

My name is Fakhri Mubarak. I am an IFBB Pro League Bodybuilder with over 28 years of experience. I hold the record of helping the most clients turn pro in the IFBB currently at 69. If you add up all the other federations that I've helped others turn pro its well over 100 pro cards. My IFBB Pro League clients have won 18 pro shows. Combined with other federations its 32 pro wins. My NPC total class wins are well over 1000. My famous saying is "NUMBERS DONT LIE". I am very proud of the work my clients and myself have done. Being an athlete and a competitor I understand what it takes and how to help others win. Doctor Rattotti has been my go to doctor with all my clients. I have been sending him clients since 2008. He is the ultimate professional Doctor with his intellect and caring for his patients. I wouldn't recommend any other doctor over him for myself or my clients.

Odalys Ferreira

IFBB Pro Odalys Ferreira

Dr. Richard Rattotti is amazing! He listens and gives you best advice. As an athlete it is difficult to find a good doctor who understands the bodybuilding sport and not criticize nor judge you. I was told by previous Dr. That my heart rate being so low was life threatening and I would need a pace maker if I didn't slow down activity etc. This was beyond funny to me. Someone as fit and active and healthy as me seriously? If anything applaud that I am at a lower risk for a heart attack or something. Dr. Rattotti not only gave me advice and helped me analyze blood work etc but also was able to help me with my bloat issues. He recognized and diagnosed right away that I not only had an umbilical hernia but also diastasis recti issue which he helped get me seen by a great Dr. right away! I am now in hopes of fixing that and hoping to be able to continue to compete with the help medically from Dr. Rattotti I appreciate his guidance and am happy to be guided by him.

Pablo Q.


I was a competitive Bodybuilder for years. My career highlights

  • 2009 Eastern USA 2nd place heavyweight npc
  • 2010 eastern USA 3rd place heavyweight npc
  • 2011 2nd place Atlantic state heavyweight npc
  • 2012 4th place jay cutler classic npc
  • 2012 2nd place tarrytown classic heavyweight npc
  • 2014 1st place metropolitan heavyweight novice npc
  • 2014 overall heavyweight
  • 2014 1st place master over 35 heavyweight npc
  • 2014 overall master heavyweight npc
  • 2016 3rd place heavyweight metropolitan npc

Little did I know that while I was achieving success in my competitions my high protein diets and muscle building enhancers were taking their toll on me and I never even knew it. Now I send all my clients to him so they may practice the sport in a safe manner while I help them achieve their fitness/physique goals. I rely on Dr. R’s medical expertise regarding muscle growth and protein requirements as well as for weight loss and body fat reduction during slim down pre- competition preparation. His knowledge of an athlete’s medical needs to achieve their goals in an intelligent, physiologically sound, and healthy curriculum offers me the confidence I need so my clients can compete seriously.

Rob Eco

As a fitness model, I know the importance of maintaining lean muscle mass and minimizing fat to have that shredded, cut look sought bysponsors. I have been a patient of Dr. R for years and throughout my career he has always monitored my health for anyand all potential side effects of my actions in order to maintain a position in my profession. He has constantly offered sounds advice and insured my health and safety with an extensive array of blood tests and diagnostic assessments that prior to him, no other doctor ever performed due to their lack of knowledge of the lengths a patient will go to in the competitive environment of modeling as well as bodybuilding. Dr. R is well aware of the inherent risks we choose to adopt and is very thorough in his evaluation for potential side effects of such a lifestyle. I strongly recommend anyone who embraces such a lifestyle be it bodybuilding, fitness, modeling or just for one’s own personal preference, seek out Dr. R’s professional services to protect one’s self from potential risks.

Photo credit - Scott Teitler, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Raymond Coppinger

Doc has been a vital part of my training and overall health for years. His knowledge and professionalism has enabled me to stay healthy thought my years of training. Discuss all of your health questions confidentially and discreetly with Doc. I have and will continue to recommend many friends and family to him.


  • 2008 INBF Hercules
  • 2010 NPC Atlantic States
  • 2012 NPC Metropolitans
  • 2013 NPC Atlantic States
  • 2015 NPC NJ State Championship

Raymond Coppinger Raycoppinger@gmail.com

Angel Navarro

“I have known DrRattotti for many years now. We had become acquainted at a well-known bodybuilders competitive gym we both attend. As an avid Bodybuilder myself and previous competitor, I can attest to Dr R’s knowledge of physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and nutrition requirements to maximize muscle gain and lose fat. I have witnessed Dr R in the gym using a combination of cardiovascular exercises with resistance training techniques on himself to maximize his workout in the limited time he has available as a physician. I have had the pleasure of “pumping iron” with Dr R personally during which times he has enlightened me regarding the misconceptions promulgated regarding weight loss and exercise in the fitness and bodybuilding community which lead to frustrating results. His “No Fad, No Frill” approach backed by medical facts can be witnessed by meeting him. His knowledge of various supplements used by bodybuilders for both muscle building and slim down cycles is testament to his familiarity of a bodybuilders mindset which he does not condemn but rather follows medically to prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Victor Munoz

Bodybuilding Contest Prep Coach

As a bodybuilding contest prep coach I have had years of experience in the world of fitness and bodybuilding having trained top pros, amateurs turned pros, other professional athletes and professional competitors. To insure success of my clients I routinely refer to DrRattotti to rely on his medical expertise in understanding the medical needs of bodybuilder and fitness competitors. I came to know Dr. Rattotti via several of my clients who he followed. I have personally witnessed him at the gym frequently pumping iron with members of the bodybuilding community and have since come to realize that he has an immense knowledge of bodybuilder and fitness professional’s way of life and the regimes they adopt for success. He is well acquainted with such methods and is right choice in selecting proper medical supervision in the career of a competitive bodybuilder, be them an established professional or one striving for a professional title. I routinely ask my clients for his medical evaluation and for blood work if they want to be positive on how to maximize their physiques while I assist them in achieving their goalsas bodybuilders. His assistance eliminates the guesswork associated with many bodybuilding/fitness programs as seen with other trainers and as such my clients waste no time, no wasted money, and permit me to formulate a program which maximize results, minimizes injury while maintaining health and safety, and lead to pro titles.I strongly recommend all members of the bodybuilding/fitness community to Dr. Rattotti to assess their health and safety.

Steve G

Dr Rattotti saved my life. I practiced bodybuilding for years, doing what was suggested to me by my fellow bodybuilders. They all told me u want to get big use this, use that ….and I listened time and time again, doing it the bodybuilder’s way. Not once did any of them go to a doctor, not even me. They all thought they knew it all and I listened. Then one day one of them became sick, then he went to the doctor, then it was too late. We discovered he was losing his kidney’s. That’s when I decided to get checked out. Dr. Rattotti was strongly recommended and I went to see him. I’m glad I did. Little did I know I was ruining my heart and damaging my liver. I’m not as big as I use to be but….I’m ALIVE. Makes no difference if your male or female, amateur or professional. Dr. R can help you. He helped me. He saved my life! He may save yours!