Telephone Consultation

Telephone Consultation

You need not be a client of his Online Medical Bodybuilding Service to receive this service.

Dr. Rattotti is available for telephone consultations that typically last approximately 30 minutes after he has reviewed your medical information. Fees are pro-rated depending on the amount of time necessary for review of your medical history plus the consultation itself.

If interested, in order to use your time most efficiently, please contact Dr. Rattotti for a packet of questionnaires that you will need to complete. Return these documents with a summary of your medical/fitness history and your most recent medical records and laboratory/imaging studies along with your payment.

Please furnish the phone number and times most convenient to receive your consultation with your time zone. Please note Dr. Rattotti is based on Eastern Standard USA Time zone.

Your telephone consultation will take place within one-two weeks from receipt of your records.

To schedule a phone consultation, please contact Dr. Rattotti at:

Consultations are available in

 English or  Italian 

Telephone Consultation