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Online Medical Bodybuilding Consultation Services

In association with nationwide laboratories, you can have Signature Line blood testing ordered by Dr. Rattotti, customized to your needs, done at a site near you and have the results sent directly to Dr. Rattotti for review.
Our online body building medical consultant

Richard Rattotti MD

Natural Bodybuilder/Physician aware of the Bodybuilding/Fitness communities special requirements


DISCRETE AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Online Medical Consultation Service for Bodybuilders and members of the fitness/health community with recommendations and referrals to facilities in your area for necessary complete diagnostic testing: Recommendations will be personalized depending on your history and can include any of the below

Should you decide to receive an online consultation, you will be required to complete an online medical evaluation form which I will review. Then based on our discussion, I will advise you on the blood tests and diagnostic tests I think you should have done. I will send you the blood request with the appropriate tests indicated which you will take to a designated blood drawing and / or diagnostic site. These sites are local to your area.You will have all results then forwarded to me for review.

When all information is received, you will then receive a follow up consultation with any and all appropriate recommendations.

All information disclosed is confidential and ENCRYPTED for privacy. No one will have access except myself.

Fee for services are based on the amount of time your individualized consultation requires and is billed to a major credit card.

Blood Analysis and Testing (See Lab Testing page)

Sonographic Evaluations


Hormone Optimization

Post-Cycle Treatment (PCT) Options

Testing for liver and kidney complications of HIGH Protein/Amino Acid diets in combination with ergogenic compounds is CRITICAL.

Liver Analysis

Kidney Analysis

Gynecomastia Analysis

Heart Evaluation and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Fertility / Hypogonadism Evaluation

Pituitary Shutdown

Muscle Breakdown Assessment/ DOMS (DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS) Analysis.

Hydration/Dehydration/Rehydration Levels.

Realistic Muscle Mass Protein requirements as medically recommended

  • Muscle Mass Maintenance Protein intake (gms/day)
  • Projected Muscle Mass Growth Protein intake (gms/day)

ATP Optimization Program

  • Proper Creatine Dosing

Evaluation of macronutrient metabolism.

  • Assess Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Assess Fat Metabolism
  • Assess Protein Metabolism
  • Are you burning or storing fat?
    Are you burning or building valuable muscle mass?
    Are you anabolic or catabolic?

All of this information available to you for optimal, SAFER, muscle development and growth.