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Intravenous Micro-Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)

It is impossible orally to attain the high levels of nutrients that IV access is capable of delivering. Oral vitamins and nutrients are converted or broken down in the stomach and liver during the absorption process. High doses often cause gastrointestinal symptoms and diarrhea. IV nutrients go directly into the bloodstream in an unaltered, safe form that is very well tolerated, with minimal or no side effects.

Several IVNT Programs Available

There are a variety of IV infusions, each designed to help the bodybuilder/ fitness athlete obtain optimal growth and development as well as help your body repair damage,decrease fat and increase energy stores.

IntravenousMineral/Vitamin InfusionTherapy

“Getting into muscle cells to do what they need to do
when they need to do it”
What is the Bodybuilder’s Blast Infusion?

A specially prepared vitamin and mineral solution for an intravenous (IV) treatment containing 10 vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for a bodybuilders requirements and optimal protein synthesis and muscle growth as well as promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation and pain associated with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) …….Nothing wasted, 100% introduced directly into circulation. Particularly beneficial during “Mass Building” phase

Intravenous Liver Detoxification Therapy

Minimize potential liver damage by IV detoxification The objective of detoxification is to remove toxic by-products from the liver and restore/maintain proper function. Detoxification is done in several phases over time to optimally rehabilitate and support liver function.

Intravenous Lipotrophic (FAT BURNING) Therapy

Lipo Blast (IV) lipotropic injections convert fat into energy that the body then burns while the process also increases insulin activity. The decrease of Fat Deposits during your training promotes lean body mass and is particularly beneficial during “cutting” phase


A step up from the Lipo Blast, the Ultimate Shred System involves the administration of several metabolism-enhancing injections: a Vitamin B12 plus a Vitamin B Complex and a highly-absorbable combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that aid in fat-burning, making it an important part of your training.

Intravenous Kidney Flush Therapy

The waste by products of High Protein diets, protein supplements as well as high energy pre workout drinks integral to a bodybuilder’s lifestyle all cause stress on the kidney with potential compromise of function. Intermittent IV flushes assist in cleansing the kidney of any by-products and aid in removal from the body.

Intravenous Electrolyte Replacement Therapy

Maintain optimal mineral concentrations during all phases of training.

IV availability of micronutrients can ENORMOUSLY stimulate ATP production by the mitochondria to initiate the energy process. ATP when available can energize cells to do what they need to do. In regard to muscle growth by either facilitating repair during recovery phase, energizing active cellular protein synthesis (repair or build up phase) or by inducing greater contractions of muscle during workout phase (stimulus or tear down phase). Increased endurance and sustained energy means improved workouts which improve results!


IV nutrients achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral administration. Due to saturation of intestinal absorption from increased protein ingestion common to bodybuilder’s diet requirements, oral dosing reaches a limit of concentration in the blood. Research demonstrates, using Vitamin C as an example, that increasing oral vitamin C by 1200% from 200 mg/day to 2,500 mg/day increases plasma concentration only 25%. NAMELY A 1200% INCREASE ORALLY ONLY INCREASED CIRCLATING BLOOD LEVELS BY 25%. Delivery by IV administers a plasma level of the nutrient almost 10 times that of oral to doses are needed to have the beneficial effects.

Why risk possible incomplete intestinal absorption of vital nutrients necessary for muscle growth and development? Bypass gut malabsorption. Utilize direct intravenous introduction of the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal muscle mass. Get the edge by getting 100% of these nutrients into your bloodstream directly. No ingestion, digestion, or assimilation problems.

Physician supervised intravenous therapies.

Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy (IVNT) is available to clients
via an appointment at our office location. Appointments necessary.

Financial Policy re IVMT:

We request a valid credit card number to reserve the appointment for IVMT as once infusion is formulated it must be utilized same day. If not it must be discarded therefore we request payment prior to formulation and mixing.

Cancellation Policy:

As a courtesy, if you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid mixing your solution. Once mixed, if not utilized by the patient it was ordered for, it must be discarded. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, or if you miss your appointment, our billing system will automatically bill you for the full fee for the missed/canceled appointment. Cancellations for appointments must be made by 12 noon of the previous appointment to avoid being charged. You can change appointments by calling 1-718-824-6161.

On Site Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysisis a physical test that measures the proportion of the various components of a person’s body. The human body is comprised of water, protein, fat, and minerals — but for most bodybuilders purposes, it is the level of fat compared to lean mass that is of interest. For years the standard in the Bodybuilding and Fitness Community has been skin fold caliper testing Skin fold caliper testing has been used for body composition analysis for years, and is generally considered to be an accurate measure of body fat. However, unfortunately it is not as it requires a certain degree of expertise and precision by the person making the measurements. BodybuilderMD utilizes a more scientific principle. Bioelectrical impedance is based on the principle that lean tissue is more electrically conductive than fat. A small, painless electrical current is passed through the body, usually from the wrist to the foot. From the data extracted, BBMD can furnish the client with the following information:

  • Actual BMI
  • Body % FAT
  • Weight of % FAT
  • Body % Fat Free Mass
  • Weight of % Fat Free Mass
  • Weight of % Total Body Water
  • Pounds of Total Body Water
  • Body % of Intra Cellular Water
  • Pounds of Intra Cellular Water
  • Body % of Extra Cellular Water
  • Pounds of Extra Cellular Water
  • *Pounds of Skeletal Muscle Mass*
  • Body % of Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mineral Content

THIS EVALUATION PERMITS YOU TO SEE HOW MUCH ACTUAL MUSCLE MASS YOU HAVE GAINED. Increased weight does not necessarily mean increase in muscle mass.
Knowing your numbers and percentages of various body components gives you actual gains in your mass building phase as well as % body fat being lost in cutting phase.

Metabolic Testing Calorimetry

Metabolize THIS

A Realistic, No Fads, No Frills, Evidence Based,
Scientific Approach to Weight Loss.

Inorder to acheive competition weight category as well as lean body mass for the cut image necessary on stage, Bodybuilder’s and fitness professional often resort to calorie restrictive diets to achieve their stage presentation. With such weight management, metabolism is being looked at as the key to achieving success in losing or gaining weight. BodyBuilderMD’sMetabolic analyzer measures resting metabolism, the number of calories the body needs to maintain basic body function. This number is THE LARGEST CALORIE BURN CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR DAILY CALORIE EXPENDITURE. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn,,,,at rest! Many people are surprised by how few calories are burned by exercise, contributing approximately 20% of your calorie burn. Knowing a person’s resting metabolic rate can help BodyBuilderMD create individualized programs that achieve the results their patients want.

What Is Your Metabolic Burn Rate???
BodyBuilderMD incorporates Metabolic Testing into a personalized BB program which offers a baseline that can be tailored around the individual based on the information. It takes the guesswork out of the equation. The Metabolic Analyzer is offered as a stand-alone service or with a complete consultation.

Popular with individuals interested in knowing the number of calories they typically expend, the “Burn Rate Measurement” provides useful information that isn’t readily available to most people.THIS PROVES PARTICULARLY USEFUL IN THE “CUTTING PHASE” OF ONE’S PROGRAM HELPING TO ESTABLISH A “WEIGHT LOSS TRAJECTORY” UP TO COMPETITION DAY!Metabolic Weight Loss gives you the numbers you need to know to lose weight,male or female,with any diet, any food, at any age.No one weight loss program works for everyone!With metabolic testing,once you know your individual metabolic rate,you can take these numbers with you to be utilized in ANY diet program of your choice, be it for mass building or cutting.
This number is key!

Methods of Old

Previously, industry experts were forced to rely on formulas like the Harris-Benedict to calculate basal metabolic rate.The problem with such methods is that they aren’t entirely accurate. Instead of giving a precise rate specific to the individual, they give only an estimate of an average metabolic rate. The results can be off by hundreds of calories. The potential for inaccuracy is heightened by the fact that metabolic rates vary from person to person based on a variety of factors including body composition, percentage of body fat and muscle mass, hormones, and more.


An accurate metabolic rate can be determined using either direct or indirect calorimetry. However, both methods require expensive equipment and aren’t really accessible to the average person.
Direct calorimetry requires an expensive whole-body calorimeter to assess the exact measure of heat output needed to raise the temperature of one liter of water by one degree Celsius.Indirect calorimetry is based on the amount of oxygen a person consumes.

It’s measured with a metabolic cart, a medical device generally found in hospitals that requires a certain amount of expertise to operate. The Metabolic analyzer, using indirect calorimetry, utilizes revolutionary sensor technology to measure oxygen consumption.The unit self-calibrates within minutes. Clients then simply breathe for approximately 10 minutes into the device, which comes with a disposable, hygienic mouthpiece. Once a resting metabolic rate has been established, client’s age, weight, lifestyle, and activity level, are used to help determine how many calories are being burned in a day. This number is key to determining how a person’s diet or fitness regimen should be altered. Low Carb, High Carb, Keto diet,,,MAKES NO DIFFERENCE! For example, if a person typically consumes 2,400 calories a day and is only burning 1,900, he or she will have to either increase activity levels, opt for a lower-calorie diet, or implement a combination of both to avoid gaining weight. Ideal for Bodybuilder’s and Fitness professional’s Weight Management Program, the Metabolic Analyzer has the potential to become a significant tool in the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Get the number, get the edge.


Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction Testing

One of the most overlooked aspects of training is recovery. A computer based fully automated system for an assessment of your level of Physical Training. This allows the detection of OVERTRAINING STAGES
From Mild Stage 1 to Severe Stage 3.If you Overtrain you may not be optimizing your growth phase to maximum potential