Benefits of Medical Consultation

Foremost, insure you are healthy while you attain your goals.

Medically identify any potential damage to your body. Early detection is key to minimizing morbidity and/or mortality.

I’m accessible 24/7 and you can email me any time.

Get the medical facts, not hearsay.

I will work in conjunction with your trainer should you choose to disclose your evaluation with him/her so together you have optimal preparation and maximize your physique

Telephone consultations available.

Convenience! Members of the Bodybuilding and Fitness community have a grueling schedule. A 24/7 commitment, always on the go and have little or no time to go to doctor for an evaluation. To a bodybuilder, time is a true commodity as they must always make “Gym Time” available. When one calculates the true value of “time” for a medical evaluation: the travel, the parking, the waiting in a facility, then to repeat it on follow up visits, often they will forego a medical evaluation. This, combined with the difficulty in finding a physician understanding of such commitment and lifestyle, contributes to the lack of proper supervision. Medical Bodybuilding Consultation Online Services now makes it accessible to all and is very convenient resource with complete confidentiality.We have all heard the unfortunate stories of members of the bodybuilding community that have left us too early in life. The risks are apparent. They are real. Choosing to ignore them can have its consequences.

Benefits of Medical Consultation