About Dr. Rattotti and his program

Dr. Rattotti recognizes that modern, westernized medicine, for all of its strengths, does not adequately address many aspects of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. Richard Rattotti MD has innovated the evolution of health and fitness by combining medicine (both traditional and alternative modalities) with fitness and personal training. In addition to his practice of Internal Medicine, he has a vast knowledge of fitness and bodybuilding.Dr Rattotti has been involved in fitness and athleticism his whole life. His interest in physical sports started in his teen years being a member than captain of his track team, then a decathlete in college. Student and eventual instructor of Marital Art form Wing Chun in medical school.Dr. Rattotti graduated from University of Cincinnati with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree.

“He trained in Internal Medicine via Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. After his residency, he opened his private practice in Bronx, New York and then expanded to Greenwich, CT. Licensed in New York and Connecticut, he is the Medical Director of EuroMedicalNY and the founder of Esthetique Physique, LLC.He is affiliated with Montefiore Medical Center, NY and he works closely with doctors at other hospitals including Albert Einstein/Montefiore, New York-Presbyterian (Columbia and Cornell), NYU, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and Lenox Hill.”

About Dr. Rattotti

Dr. Rattotti’s goal is to help bodybuilders / fitness athletes achieve their goals while maintaining optimal health.He will provide a personal, private consultation individualized to your goals.

During your initial evaluation you will undergo an extensive intake to determine your current state of health.All information you provide is strictly confidential.

Data from your history is recorded on your personal record allowing you to compare changes in your health over the period of time in which you progress in your bodybuilding / fitness career.