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Bodybuilding is an extreme activity. Whether you want to put on a lot of muscle for competitions, or you just want to bulk up to boost your self-confidence, you have to be smart about the process. Dr. Richard Rattotti is here to help. He has been involved with fitness and strength training all his life, and he’s also trained and licensed to work as a doctor.

As an anabolic doctor and someone who knows a lot about fitness, he can help you stay safe and healthy through your journey of weightlifting. Call BodyBuildersMD today to learn more.

BodyBuilderMD’s Services

Dr. Rattotti’s goal is to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve maximum levels of fitness while maintaining maximum levels of health as well. Working out can take a toll on your body, and Dr. Rattotti wants to minimize that through proper health evaluations and techniques. When you come to BodyBuildersMD, he’ll take a confidential, initial evaluation to determine your overall health level.

After the initial evaluation, Dr. Rattotti will monitor your health and workout habits while providing the medical advice you need to stay healthy while you push your boundaries. Most bodybuilders simply ask the internet or trust fellow lifters, but Dr. Rattotti wants to offer you a healthier, safer solution. He can also help you with a bodybuilding testosterone consultation to make sure your hormones are in balance.

As a bodybuilder, you have risks and rewards. You push your body hard to hit your goals, but don’t let it be at the cost of your health. Dr. Rattotti’s medical evaluation can catch any early signs of damage in your body and prevent future damage. He will work with you and your trainer to maximize your health. Call today for a health evaluation at 718 824 6161.